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Governing Body

The Governing Body are a group of officials who draw up policies and procedures and ensure the school is meeting its legal obligations in all aspects and areas. They meet at least once a term and question the school's data and performance along with financial regulation, staffing, attendance and provision for the community. 

The Governing Body also play a very important part in day to day life in school so take a look at the page 'Who Helps our School Family Grow' so you know who they are.


Each year the Department for Education publish how the Governing Body have used the money that fund the school. The information, along with previous years financial reports, can be found on the link below

Name Type of Governor Date of Appointment Term of Office Cessation Date Appointed By Business Interests
Rev. Kathy Robertson Chair


(re-elected Sept 2016)

2 Years



Election by Governing Body

St. John's Pre-School Chair of Committee

Westmoor Primary School Governor

Mr Arif Ahmad Chair 14.01.2018 2 Years   Elected by Governing Body Nil Return
Mrs Lynn Hill Ex-Officio Head Teacher 29.01.2013 N/A   Local Authority

Husband Caretaker at LA school

Neighbour proprietor of Orchard Office Furniture

Cousin proprietor of Greening & Sykes Builders

Mrs Adrienne Hatfield Staff 21.01.2014 4 Years 01.09.2016 (resignation) Staff Election Husband proprietor of SMH Plumbing & Joinery Services
Mrs Habiban Zaman Community 11.12.2010 (re-elected Jan 2016) 4 Years   Local Authority Nil Return
Ms Jessica Thomas Vice Chair 14.09.20 2 Years   Elected by Governing Body Nil Return
Mr Mike Neville Co-opted Foundation 08.03.2010 (re-elected Sept 2014) 4 Years



Diocese of Leeds Flatts Nursery Governor
Mrs Vicki Nordoff Co-opted  31.01.2014 4 Years   Election by Governing Body Director/Trustee of St. John's Pre-School
Mrs Shaneela Saleem Parent 16.02.2017 4 Years   Election by Parents Awaiting Return (09.03.2017)
Mr Abbas Noor Parent 20.05.2014 4 Years   Election by Parents Nil Return
Mr Malcolm Brook Co-opted 14.9.2017 4 Years   Election by Governing Body Nil Return
Rev. Simon Cash Foundation 14.09.2017 4 Years   Election by Governing Body Nil Return


Governor Responsibilities 2016-2017
Governor Class Curriculum Area Area of Responsibility

Meetings Attended


Mrs Nordoff             Red Science

Eco Awards

Early Years

Governing Body: 3/4                                  

Mr Noor Orange Speaking & Listening

Health & Safety


Governing Body: 4/4

Health & Safety: 2/3

Ms Thomas Orange Music Health & Safety Governing Body: 2/4
Mr Ahmad Yellow Maths

Pupil Premium

Finance - (Chair Arif Ahmad)


Governing Body: 2/4

Finance: 2/3

Mrs Zaman Green PE & EAL


Community Cohesion

Governing Body: 3/4
Mr Neville Indigo History & Geography Performance Management (Chair Mike Neville)

Governing Body: 3/4

Finance: 2/3

Mrs Saleem Indigo Art & DT Performance Management Appointed 2016/2017
Vicar Kathy Violet PSHCE, RE & School Council

Safeguarding inc. Behaviour Standards/Progress (Chair Kathy Robertson)


Governing Body: 4/4

Finance: 3/3

Mrs Preston Violet Reading & Writing



Governing Body: 4/4

Health & Safety: 3/3

Mrs Hill     School Website Governing Body: 4/4