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This Week's Angels

Each week our Lunchtime Supervisors are responsible for choosing a child who has stood out for doing the right thing. Each child is then recognised as being an Angel in Collective Worship and seated at the special Angel table for lunch on a Friday.


Week Ending Friday 16th November 2018


indecision Dyar Ibrahim Reception - For playing very sensibly at lunchtime.


indecision Harley Jarrett - Reception -   For always being polite at lunchtimes.


indecision Safa Muzaffar - Year 1 -  Is an "always" child and a fantastic role model for the school.


indecision Hashim Hussain - Year 1 - For choosing to play sensible games at lunchtime.


indecision Zaky Saleem - Year 2 - Is an inquisitive learner - always asking questions.


indecision Alexander Dolecki  - Year 2 -  Always does the right things and uses super manners.


The lunchtime staff would like to say a VERY big thank you to all children who have helped at lunchtime!