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Our British Values

At St. John's C.E. (C) Infant School we strive to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of our pupils and staff. By doing so this not only embeds our Church school ethos and our Christian Values but it also actively promotes our British Values, which are:-


  • School Council members are nominated by their peers and elected like a parliamentary vote
  • Equal opportunities are promoted by encouraging all pupils to complete a Playground Buddy application
  • It is important to listen to each other - everybody has a right to voice their opinion
  • We take turns, talk to our partners, use helping hands to light the candle and do not shout out
  • There are opportunities to make choices
  • We invite people to visit our school and share their views - our recent visitors have been the local MP Paula Sherriff and the Mayor of Kirklees

  • Our school rules are reinforced and displayed around our school for all to see
  • We have a traffic light system for behaviour management, we strive to win the lining up trophy and we follow instructions to keep us safe
  • St. John's prides itself on our Christian Values and always doing the right thing
  • During PSHCE lessons we learn about internet safety, road safety, medicines and stranger danger
  • Our PCSO comes into school regularly to offer advice, join in lessons and give assemblies
  • We watch CBBC Newsround each day to discuss issues
  • We know what the consequences of our behaviour is which encourages us to do the right thing and receive rewards such as trophies, stickers, certificates and prizes

  • Opinions are not right or wrong
  • Individual needs are important but may not always be immediately met when we are in a group, for example School Council
  • We have freedom of choice when choosing our own interests in play, quiet time, choice in behaviour and to do the right thing
  • It is important to understand that people are individuals
  • We are fair - everyone has the right to express themselves, access equipment and opportunities
  • Our Reflection Area is an important part of school where we can have time to ourselves
  • The school is accessible by all regardless of ability or disability
  • We are all valued regardless of intellect, talent or age

  • Acts of Worship are centred around celebrations and stories from religious books
  • Our Religious Education teaches us about various religions - celebrating faiths, beliefs and diversity
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability policies are in place to ensure inclusion and respect
  • St. John's has a Code of Conduct displayed all around school and followed to show respect and tolerance for our peers
  • Our classrooms have rules so that we can work and share together
  • Diversity in language is celebrated and shared 
  • Daily discussion centred around CBBC Newsround allows us to understand the world and wider communities
  • It is important to listen to your peers opinion so that everyone feels valued