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Requesting Time Off

Term Time Leave of Absence or Holiday

If your child is going to be absent for any other reason than medical or illness you must complete a Leave of Absence Form (this can be downloaded by clicking on the link below) requesting permission to take your child out of school. You must give the dates you wish to leave and return along with copies of any pre-booked information, ie flight tickets, etc. Each request for absence during the term is considered on an individual basis and permission may only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Please note that 'exceptional circumstances' are defined as rare, short and unavoidable. 


You may be invited to discuss your request with the Head Teacher and your child's current attendance will also be taken into consideration when making a decision.


If permission is not granted and your child is still absent, this will be recorded as unauthorised and may result in a penalty notice being issued. Please look at our Attendance Policy for further details along with the guidance issued from Kirklees Attendance and Pupil Support. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school office.