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What Makes us Happy at St. John's C.E.(C) Infant School!

What do we have to say about our school?

Our parents are asked to fill out a questionnaire to say what THEY think about our school but we also get to fill out the questionnaire so our teachers know if they are getting it right!

These are just a few of the things we had to say this year!


I like school because it's fun

I love to go to school, I like learning about things, I like doing my work, I like reading, I like colouring and painting

I love school dinners

Our school is the best ever

My teacher doesn't need to help me because I listen carefully on the carpet

I don't like having homework, I love playtime

I have nice friends who help me when there is a problem

We have lovely toys to play with and the work is fun

I don't like broccoli for dinner, I like all of my school

I like the home corner

The school is a nice place and we learn a lot of new things

I love books to read

My favourite is when I do my homework, I don't like building

I don't like the football at school, I like making pictures for my mummy