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YEAR 1 - Yellow Class (Mrs Missett & Mrs Banham)

Welcome to Yellow Class

Important things to know:

PE days - Monday & Friday

Spelling test - Thursday

Reading books - New ones sent out on Friday, please make sure these are returned on a Tuesday.

Homework - will be set each Friday, this should be completed and submitted on Dojo by the following Thursday please.


If you have any questions, please get in touch via Class Dojo or call the school office on 01924 325323 and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Mrs Missett & Mrs Banham

At the Park- Home Learning Grid

Use these fabulous, fun ideas to help you explore our latest topic - At The Park! The activities can be completed in any order. We would love to see photos of your work on your portfolio .

Download the ideas by clicking here...

Watch this space for website links coming soon!

Things you can do at home


Know doubles of numbers 1 to 5

1 + 1 = 2        2 + 2 = 4       3 + 3 = 6      4 + 4 = 8     5 + 5 = 10

and begin to know doubles of numbers 6 to 10

6 + 6 = 12     7 + 7 = 14     8 + 8 = 16    9 + 9 = 18      10 + 10 = 20

Practise counting in 1s forwards and back. Can you count to at least 20? Can you count back from 20 to 0?

Can you say 1 more or 1 less than any number to at least 20?

Can you count in 10s?

Learn to count in 2s and 5s



Reading & Writing

Read for 10 minutes every day! Reading is good for you. It relaxes you, it takes you to exciting places, it teaches you new things and it is fun.



RWI sounds - Can your child recognise and use the RWI sounds that we use as the building blocks for reading and writing? Children are taught to recognise the sounds within words and use these for reading and spelling. e.g. sh o p  becomes shop,     p ar k becomes park

By the end of Year 1 most children should be able to read and spell these common words, they do not fit the phonics rules so children need to learn to 'just know it'.

yes      yes      yes       yes      yes      yes     yes     yes       yes

Just in case you need a little bit of motivation or an energy boost, here are some sites that will help to get you moving. Have fun!

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